Saturday, April 23, 2016

Friday night I came home and got busy for a few hours before convincing Beff to join me for a drink to decompress.  The upstairs is DONE!  I also did a quick pass on some routine cleaning that needed done (bathroom sink/tub, wipe down kitchen counters, dusting)

I feel like I put in a 12 hour day today.  I was up just after 7 so I could load the car to take yet another load to my Favorite Egg's.  I needed to get moving so I could get to the car shop and get vehicles inspected.  On the way back up the hill I stopped at the nursery and picked up my third plant for the front pots and a tomato plant.  Inspection and oil done on the Kia, no issues, then run home to swap out vehicles.  The Tib was cranky and needed jumped.  I guess I haven't done enough long running (or frequency) since pulling it out of the garage.  Inspection and new tires (I knew it needed it), but fortunately nothing else.  With the long list of bills rolling in in the next few weeks the tires were plenty.

I got out of there close to noon, and needed to drive around a bit to charge up that battery a bit.  After about 20 minutes I headed into the mall with a desire to find a new wreath for the front door.  I know the mall isn't the first place you think of to buy something like this, but they had about the same amount of selection as the local crafty places anyhow.  Either way, I didn't find anything I liked.

Back to the house and time to bust some butt.  First I went out back, scooped poop, raked up three more dog food bags of nut shells, and then did the first mow on the back lawn.  Then I pulled out the leaf blower to clear the leaves from the patio area, just in case the handyman is ready to come in early this week - he'll be working in that area.  Time to scoot inside.  After many hours, the wet/dry vac has made its way around the garage and basement sucking up dust, dirt, and cobwebs.  Some of the shelves in the garage are wiped down as are the table and shelves by my washing machine and freezer.  Finally, I put those new plants in their pots.  It's "early" but I'm done for the day.

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