Monday, April 25, 2016

Yesterday we gathered to celebrate Beff at the Boulevard.  Her sister, SIL, Mom, nieces, and I planned her bridal "shower".  While the event wasn't a surprise, I think she was truly surprised by some of the details that were picked just for her.  I know she had a good time with everyone, and I'm happy to have given her a day all about her before the all about "them" day.  Having mutual friends, I too got to see quite a few folks that I was glad to spend time with.  Our weather was beautiful, the food was good, and the cake (which Mum made) was amazing... as are the leftovers which I'm gladly helping to work on.

I feel like I didn't do anything after the event, but I did... I'm afraid I am getting used to being overworked.  it might be a good thing if I can maintain a higher level of cleanliness and tidiness in the long run, but it does make me feel like a slacker to have a short list of things I accomplished in a day off.  I mowed the front lawn last night, watered all of my plants (which there are now more of to attend to), and moved some smaller items out of the bedroom and living room so I would be ready for the carpet cleaners.  I was exhausted by 6pm last night and in bed by 10, but my sleep was not quick coming, disrupted by dreams including one about snowy roads and a wreck w/ a snow plow, and re-awakening at 5am to use the bathroom and to feebly lay there trying to fall back asleep.

The carpet cleaners were there this morning, so that is done.  I am hoping that everything is brighter and freshly scented... oh, and dry, by the time I get home.  Also, I got my numbers from my real estate agent.  If the front landscaping could get done quickly we can get the pictures taken and I can move forward.  It has to happen regardless of answers here.  I know that.  It scares me.

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