Wednesday, September 23, 2015

I had a dream with Mom in it this morning. Of course, so was my great aunt who lived with us when I was a teenager. We were busy in the kitchen and I eventually convinced my great aunt who looked exhausted to sit down and I'd get her a drink. I asked coffee or water and Mom answered coffee (that's my girl). When I went to make it, my aunt started as she use to do - saying things you shouldn't say - and told me I was average. In her defense, when my aunt lived with us she had a pretty good decline into dementia going on, but everything is a little more amplified when you're a teenager.

So yeah, that's it. All that is what I struggled so hard to achieve last night. It's not often I have issues sleeping, but the past few nights have been difficult. I'm laying in bed for hours before I find sleep and waking a good bit. I'm not getting up in the morning as tired as I probably should be for the limited time I suspect I actually get in some stage of sleep, but it will catch up, guaranteed.

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