Friday, December 04, 2015

I finally pulled the rest of the fruit and put the remainder of the tomato plants outside. I harvested quite a few off of the one cherry tomato plant, but only a couple off larger tomatoes off of the ones started from seed. One of those plants still didn't have a thing on it. So that's done. Of course, I had already set up the Christmas tree against the other wall, and I'm not moving it to put it in the front window. At least it's up this year, right?

My headache from earlier in the week is trying to make a reappearance. On Wednesday I had my hair cut and recolored so my scalp is also sore from the coloring. The back of my skull feels like I've been punched there repeatedly.

Speaking of sore... Saffy is still limping a little. I guess its time to call the vet. I've been putting it off, and on one hand I shouldn't put that stuff off, but on the other, she doesn't seem to be in pain other than the mild limp, and often I see her running w/o an issue at all. We've gotten way past the "just rest it" time frame (the first videos I captured of it were Oct 12 on one of our walks).

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