Saturday, December 05, 2015

The vet didn't seem to worried about Saf.  We're doing some rimadyl (anti-inflammatory- temporary I hope) and starting her on some pet power tablets (glucosamine - since we're getting older).  She took her first rimadyl here w/ dinner and is now zonked out on my left leg.  That's one way to avoid her jumping around and acting a fool - also part of our 'prescription' for healing.

After that trip I took a package and the christmas cards to the post office.  I also headed to TJ Maxx where I did some Christmas shopping FOR the girls.  Their gifts for me and my Favorite Egg are now under our tree too.

After, Beff asked about running to JoAnn's so I went to help pick out the right shade to match some of her other wedding goodies. Then we snagged Kaden and grubbed.  The weather is pretty nice again today - so I would have felt guilty if I didn't get out in it a bit.  Here we are again with the sun down... I guess that means it's time to workout (again).

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