Tuesday, November 10, 2015

This past weekend I headed my Favorite Egg's direction, picking him up and going a bit south to West Virginia. Niecey Poo had requested to work the Tech/WVU game, so I had the chance to see her the evening before and see the game, so I took advantage. We were able to share a meal, a drink, and chat for a while the evening before. Saturday morning I had her wake extra early so I could take her on a Sheetz breakfast run (she loves the place and they haven't made it anywhere near Texas just yet).

The mayhem trying to get to the game - just wow. The GPS had no idea where the stadium was by address, the campus is poorly marked for the parking areas, and of course there was so many people wandering the streets it was a bit stressful to get in there. We left after half time to avoid the craziness and stopped at the Morgantown mall to check out a game shop before returning north for the remainder of the weekend. With all of that running Serafina was beyond the need for her first oil change so I made a (not so) quick trip in to get that taken care of Monday morning.

Last night Beff had another appointment at a bridal shop, this one in Greensburg, so we headed back out on the road. There was several more dresses - and then it happened! My gal found the right one and it's amazingly blingy and beautiful. What's next on the planning list?

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