Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Now to catch up...
As I mentioned - I was on Grandeur for the Halloween sailing.  I headed to Baltimore on Friday the 23rd, where I met up with my sister and we went to have dinner with Rex at DuClaw!  I finally got to try a Sweet Baby Jesus (a chocolate peanut butter porter).  We were up and moving to meet our gal on Saturday.  There was a day at sea, a stop in Port Canaveral (where we stayed on the ship), a stop in Nassau (where we did a little shopping and wandering around), a stop in Cococay (where we relaxed on beach chairs and hammocks), and a stop in Key West (where we walked along Duval, shopped, had a bite and a drink, and then grabbed a chocolate covered key lime pie on a stick from Kermit's), and two more days at sea.  We returned on Sunday, the 1st.

I did a good job not planning for this trip.  You have to realize how incredibly rare that is for me.  We just did what we felt like doing.  I took along a costume from last year for the Halloween celebration.  Most of our evenings were spent enjoying the view from the concierge lounge with a vodka cranberry.  We didn't have table mates per se as we had a table for two, but it was in between other tables for two and the folks on both sides were awesome to talk to.  More cruise family has been made!  It was a great escape.

While we were away, the new owners did, in fact, close on Mom's house.  As of the 30th, my childhood home is no longer ours.  I really don't have much else to say about that.  Everything and anything you can think of has gone through my head on the subject.

I'm back in the phase where every night seems to evaporate.  By the time I get home, make food, and work out, I'm pooped and ready for bed.  I did work out all but one day on the cruise (I took the Cococay day off and I'm counting all of the walking in Key West as a workout).

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