Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas was busy.  It's funny how a long weekend can be so jam packed and leave you completely exhausted, but it did.  I headed to my Favorite Egg's after a partial day in the office on Wednesday.  He needed to get a little time in on Thursday (Christmas eve).  What a Christmas eve it was - in the 60s and sunny down there.  The air was fresh like a spring day.  I worked out and then walked to the Lone Pine cemetery where I photographed the whole thing to add to my pile of photos to process.  After a quick shower we were gathering things up to head out for one side of the family's celebration.

We spent that night at his parents' place so we could wake to his Mum's traditional Christmas morning breakfast.  I was there for this last year as well, but had to rush out to get to Mom's.  I'm blessed that with the bustle of activity we had in front of us that I didn't feel as much of the absence as I am guaranteed I would have otherwise.  I survived my first Christmas without Mom and thanks only to my Favorite Egg's family and how they include me as one of their own.  Anyhow, we spent most of Christmas day there, heading back to his place after dark.

Saturday was an early start, so I cut up some of the goodies and he finished wrapping and preparing gifts we needed after returning on Friday night.  Off to another side of his pyramid family for lunch time and to the remaining of the triad for the dinner hour and the big gift exchange.  By the time we got home on Saturday it was nearly 10.

We lounged a bit on Sunday before putting on our traditional Sunday pancakes and before I knew it I was on my drive home.  When I left Johnstown it was rainy and foggy.  I was so glad when it broke just as I was heading down the steep portion of 30.  Well, that fog was waiting for me right where I left it - blah.  I'm back to work - I'm tired - I'm in a complete state of disbelief that it's almost the end of the year.

I started some laundry tonight while I buzzed out to visit with my Mithy while she's in town.  So much to get done for yet another long weekend.  I really need more hours in my day.

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