Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The wind was so loud and steady it woke me around 2am. Well, it might have been Dani wanting to go out that woke me initially, but the wind definitely perked up my ears. Since it is muddy out right now I took the girls to the front on leashes and really got an ear full. It sounded enough like a big truck (not quite a train) that I turned on the tv to local stations half expecting to see tornado warnings. When the fire whistle went off seconds later I had a we bit of panic.

I'm still here, I didn't blow away, but some of my porch furniture was trying to. It does make me think a little. When I was young they sounded the whistles every day (I think it was) at 11am. We all knew if there was an issue those were to go off. So, if there are tornados in our area in the middle of the night - what happens? Do we all just get flattened without warning?

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