Sunday, December 20, 2015

My Favorite Egg returned again this weekend so we could attend work's holiday party.  So much different this year with the shift in venue.  Instead of heading to Seven Springs we were downtown at the Pasquerilla Conference Center.

The food was decent - appetizers better than the main meal imho, but it was hot, no one can complain about that this year.  They also didn't steal our water the second dinner was done, so that was a plus.  I have to say - having two desserts and neither involving chocolate brought down my overall rating.  Instead of having a DJ they decided to hire a band this year.  Meh.  That meant no dancing for me, which is no loss.

I realized that if you combined the number of years at our current employer for everyone at our table... you could sprout yourself an individual more than old enough to take full retirement (at 70).  Crazy, right?

After we stopped (briefly) at Central Park to check out the light tree they put up this year.  Since this was one of the first truly cold evenings this year, I need to emphasize the word briefly.

I have a short work week, but extra things to accomplish in the evenings, so it will be a very busy one. Fingers crossed that I can keep up the pace.

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