Sunday, November 29, 2015

Thanksgiving was, not by any fault of my Favorite Egg's family - they were fantastic, like an odd get together day.  It just didn't feel like Thanksgiving without seeing Mom.  I got my rear out of work on Wednesday, worked out, and hit the road.  I was expecting the highway to be a bit busier than it was, so that was a pleasant surprise.  Couple that with how great the weather is/was and boom.

We prepped the corn dish and his traditional mulled cider Thursday morning and headed to his Aunt and Uncle's for the bigger gathering.  Everything was delightful, as it was last year.  Friday was all about re-arranging his living room and doing a full turnover cleaning.  It looks great and smelled like spring had sprung.  My body was a bit achy from it, but not as bad as I had expected.  Saturday we did a little bit more post re-arranging cleanup on odds and ends and then readied to head to the smaller holiday celebration with his family.  Part of that family was already out due to circumstances, but then another chunk ended up sick, so it was much smaller than normal.  It too was still a nice visit, hampered only slightly by the rain.

Sunday is, of course, pancake day!  That and a few episodes of a series on Netflix and it was time for me to make the drive back.  The girls were happy to see me, and they're pretty wiped out this evening.  I guess I need to go back to that place tomorrow.

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