Sunday, December 13, 2015

My Favorite Egg made it in this weekend, SURPRISE, ok, maybe not a total surprise, but it was a last minute realization since he didn't get in last weekend.  As such I had to leave him to his own activities on Saturday morning to head to the Slips/Beff Christmas lunch.  Slips was kind enough to cook us lunch at her childhood home, and share a visit with her Daddy with us.  It goes without saying that I came home with some great gifts that I will enjoy through the year and some beyond.  My girls are good to me!

We then ran out to grab another 5$ gift as to make proper attendance at the Youth group Christmas party. Again this year the food was delightful and we left with nice giftage from the exchange.  I ended up with a Family Feud game that we'll try out at his family's Christmas celebrations.  After I got back, a friend swung in with a special (not so) little gift of a red velvet cake.  Between all of that dinner food and the mandatory slice of cake I thought I was going to explode.  This morning I still felt like I had drank glue.  I am feeling better right now, but I am still dreading working out.

I missed the Christmas ceremony at the cemetery in Altoona, unfortunately, but there just wasn't enough time with all of the existing running on Saturday.  I'm hoping the nice weather holds for a few more weeks as to ensure I can get down there after Christmas, both to get the ornaments that were placed for Mom and Dad, but also to visit with a couple of relatives who have extended invitations.

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