Sunday, August 30, 2015

I visited with my Favorite Egg this weekend.  I admit, it's kind of extra sad to part because while we've seen each other the past several weekends in a row (which is not our norm) I know this frequency of visits is coming to an end and, even worse still, that the winter looms loudly on the horizon.

I slept rather poorly on Friday night, so I was out early last night, even after an early evening nap.  It will be good to be back in my own bed tonight.  The girls seem pretty tired too, maybe all of the barking dogs at the kennel?  I tried to get them to play with neighbor puppy this evening with little in the way of results.  I did get to chat with the neighbor, so we will be having a play date some evening to get them interacting where there isn't a fence between. Neighbor puppy is 10 months old, maybe my girls are just old at this point?

It is almost time for the second episode of "Fear the Walking Dead".  I guess I should get my shower and be ready for it.  I'm really hoping that the pace will pick up a little.  Even if it doesn't, I can't say there is a ton much else on TV worth watching.

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