Sunday, August 02, 2015

I headed West to see my Favorite Egg this weekend catching up with him at an auction.  We attended the neighborhood gathering next door on Saturday, taking some brownies and broccoli salad.  Basically the whole neighborhood is related, and his place use to be owned by "part of the family".  As I've said before, he is so blessed with good neighbors.  Everyone was so kind and welcoming, it was like meeting more family.

This morning I decided to head to church in his area.  I had been eyeballing a few churches by him, but their membership was so low I was terrified to walk through the door and look like the lone teenager wandering into Springwood (that's a Freddy Krueger reference ya'll).  Last weekend at my church they were going through the pastoral appointments and they mentioned a guy I remembered and enjoyed hearing speak was reappointed to the West Washington UMC!  Being that this is only a 15-20 minutes I felt like it was my answer.  Everyone there too was very kind and welcoming and it was a beautiful church.

The weather has been warm and dry, for which I am grateful, but I can't help but see the winter quickly approaching.  This, of course, I am dreading.  There are spiders everywhere already, I think they're getting ready for autumn.

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