Sunday, November 22, 2015

Saturday I stayed slightly motivated.  After doing a little bit of shopping/running I came back and started another batch of limoncello, this one with half the liquor, so it won't be as strong.  The reaction from most on the last batch indicates my friends are weak... no no, I mean my friends would prefer something a little less potent.

The other running did include some shopping, in part to grab something I need for my sister's big gift, and just as part of a normal I feel like shopping around Saturday afternoon.  I also stopped and finished taking photos of the one section at Richland Cemetery, since the last time I was there sundown came to quickly to allow me to finish.  I should have more than enough photos to stay busy on cold dark winter nights.

The bed was also fully stripped, including the skirt (it would be a way easier task for two people when there is a queen sized bed involved), and washed.  I put the new mattress cover on.  I know the old one had a long warranty, but I didn't keep track.  This one is for 10 years and I bought it through Amazon, so it should be easier to keep track.

Speaking of Amazon, I've been itching for another nicer pair of diamond earrings/hoops.  I spotted the extra 20% off on Amazon for a pair I was fond of, so I leapt, buying my Christmas gift to me a bit early.

The ornaments are now on the tree, but not without incident.  I had a vibe about breakage early on, but I didn't heed it, and sure enough, the Pitt ornament I bought my freshman year of college went tumbling off of the top and shattered.  Today I also hung command strips on the outside windows and put up the wreaths.  The Christmas cards are also all ready to go and I'm hoping to wrap a couple more gifts that have arrived this evening, even though there are a couple of items still in the mail.

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