Sunday, August 23, 2015

Saffy's hot spot looks much better and she's not constantly trying to lick at it - only when she bops it on something does she pay it any attention.  I think we'll be healed up in no time.  They spent a little time chilling in the sun outside this weekend (and tormenting OUR favorite egg who came to visit again).

We had a late bite at the Flood City cafe on Friday night and headed back downtown Saturday morning to try a cup of their coffee only to find they aren't open Saturdays until 4pm.  Instead we tried the coffee at the Press Bistro and sat in the park, something I cannot say I've ever done, despite how long I've lived in Jtown.  Next there was a pot luck get together for everyone that worked the Summerfest that I also twisted his arm into attending briefly.

We watched a couple of movies, had our traditional Sunday pancakes, and I made my way to church.  A pretty lame, but very pleasant weekend.  I wrapped it up, avoiding the departure sadness by joining the Law's to watch "Fear the Walking Dead".  It definitely had a much slower start than "The Walking Dead" did, but it's something to watch while we await the new season, right?

It was also a weekend of surprising messages from people from afar that made me feel really old.

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