Tuesday, August 25, 2015

It is another couple of days when it is really good to have a second vehicle. As I went to pull out Monday morning, Serafina dinged and the tire pressure light came on. I clicked over to find the right front tire was down to 22psi, so we headed to Iggle for some air and on to work. I was expecting it to be down again at the end of the day and it sure was, so we went straight to Carmen's (thank goodness they're open til 6pm most week nights, that's a game changer in my world - especially on weeks where I need to get in here early and work through lunch).

Turns out there is a bolt in there. *sigh* It is about an inch in from the edge of the tire, so there is no patching. *double sigh* Less than 2500 miles in on the car and tires and daaaahmn. Of course, she's AWD, so I was afraid they'd tell me I needed to replace all 4. Since I did have so few miles I did luck out there, but of course, to find the same exact tire means they had to order it, and we wait until Wednesday for it to come.

In the grand scheme of our world I know this is but a blip, so thanks world for allowing me to vent. At least a problem didn't manifest midway to the burgh or something. Now I'll sit wondering where on earth I picked that up... on the way back from Portage on Saturday? Is it the construction on 219 loosing debris down onto the road?

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