Wednesday, August 19, 2015

My wee baby has a hot spot, her first one ever. She really was not pleased when I made her sit still so I could clean and tend to it. I don't have hot spot spray here anymore, so I ordered more, hopefully it will arrive quickly. Poor kid. They've been shedding so hard lately, I'm betting it's a patch that was a little too thick. I need to get brushing every day.

I had a massage last night. I knew I needed it, but not how much. I had a sore spot up at my right shoulder that I could not attribute to hitting off of something, but it sure felt bruised. It came on suddenly (before I was helping with moving things on Saturday). At first I thought my bra strap was twisted and pushing, I even made sure there wasn't something sticking out from the couch that I was leaning back on. Then the next day it just felt like I had bonked it. I felt the ache in my lower back too when he started to work on me.

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