Friday, July 24, 2015

The nice weather has continued - thank the Lord - as so did the road miles.  I headed back out on Monday towards Dayton OH to attend a working group for work.  Since I was headed that direction and the timing worked in both directions I was able to have lunch w/ my favorite Egg on the way there and dinner with him on the way back. Three nights logged in a hotel directly behind a Tim Horton's yay!  I also got to stop in and visit with my brother for a little while and was able to take some photos and whatnot to him.

I'm back home and had enough time that I was able to bail from work shortly before noon today and I needed it.  I spent that extra time napping away in my beloved bed.  I did get the laundry caught up so I don't feel like that extra time was a total loss.  I also went and plucked another plastic baggy of blueberries from my favorite Egg's bush at his house here.  (We got two bags full last weekend that went home with him - these are all mine!)

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