Monday, July 20, 2015

It has been a busy few days with quite a few road miles behind me since my last post.  On Thursday after work "we" had a happy hour.  I say we because it was organized for the program but no one really showed.  It was nice to just to sit and chat w/ Rex.  I headed home in time for my Favorite Egg's arrival.  We had a long weekend planned, so we needed to get up and moving Friday morning.

Our first stop was Grice's Gun Shop - the largest Gun Shop in PA!  Shockingly, we left having spent less than $50 between the two of us.  I was a bit disappointed, as I felt like other places have had much more variety.  They didn't carry the flash bang holster for me to check out ... and their women's shirts (other than typical hick type shirts) were non existent other than a "got Sig?" shirt.  From there we stopped a few miles down the road at Denny's Beer Barrel Pub.  The burger was okay, not stellar, but I guess they're known for their challenge burgers, not the quality of their burgers.

Many more miles down the road, and after a quick stop at a grocery store, we landed at our rental - Sylvan Glen - where I reserved an A-frame cabin that was just adorable.  It was super clean and perfect for our needs - a nice place in between some of the stops on our list.  No oven, but there was a stovetop and a coffee pot, so I was able to toss together a bit of breakfast (the first day at least - by the second day the eggs had frozen over - my own fault, as I turned up the fridge when it seemed a bit too warm on Friday night).

It was fairly overcast, so I made the call and decided to wait until Saturday night to make our run at Cherry Springs - a natural dark sky park.  Turns out it was a good bet as the folks we overheard on Saturday said they barely saw stars on Friday.  We were able to take in Venus and Saturn and the Milky Way made a rough appearance before the haze and overcast set in.  It was pretty amazing and it wasn't even a super clear night.

Earlier on Saturday we ventured out to try and find a couple of places that were recommended in the area, but ended up a bit disappointed in their beers.  We did a little shopping.  We did a little relaxing.  We did a little eating.

On Sunday we were up and headed to the PA Grand Canyon!  It was worth the stop since we were in the area.  I'd say the Western side, which was our first stop, had a better view than the main viewing area.  We didn't go hiking the trail as the weather has finally gotten to that uber warm phase for the year, but that's okay.  It was time to get back on the road so we would have a few minutes at home before my Egg needed to head back out.  On the way we stopped off in State College to have some ice cream at the creamery.

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