Saturday, July 25, 2015

I'm really tired of one purchase/action resulting in getting adding to a ton of unrelated mailing lists. My new vehicle came with a couple months of Sirius XM. I didn't ask for it, I couldn't opt out, but they added me to their mailing list. Now I'm getting the "oh no, your trial is going to end" mailers. So I write to be removed from the mailing list. Here is their response:

We have updated your account with your request not to mail you with solicitations. Please be aware that you will still receive important service messages. While we will make every effort to remove your address from our lists as soon as possible, it can take up to 30 days to completely update all of our systems. During that time it is possible that you may receive a few more pieces of mail due to campaigns still in process. Also, your Do Not Mail preference setting will expire 3 years from the date of your request.

As a reminder, you can opt in and out of SiriusXM communications by logging into, clicking the My Account Info tab and then the Communication Preferences tab.

Why does this piss me off?

1. I don't have an account. I'm not going to sign up for one on your website in order to tell you we've not done business and I want off of your mailings.
2. "important service messages" probably = nagging me to subscribe - the exact issue I wrote because of in the first place.
3. My preference expires in 3 years? F you. Seriously if I asked you respect my privacy do it, don't tell me you're going to humor me and then ignore me down the road.

Stop. Now. Permanently.
I want a remove me from all mailing lists function. I want the world to be opt-in based rather than opt-out.

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