Friday, November 13, 2015

Other oddities in the past 24 hours:
Last night while on the treadmill I realized I was missing the front of one of my batman tragus earrings. I was quite displeased. After all, who knows when it fell out and what are the chances of finding it? But being who I am I couldn't finish my workout, I had to pause it and go look. I walked straight to the front of the couch and looked down and boom, right there I spotted the tiny little black top. I couldn't believe it when I reached down and it was my earring, not just a fuzzy. It also went straight back in without a fight. I guess the universe wanted me to get back to that workout.

This morning the dogs were having a fit to come back in. You'd swear something that wanted to eat them was only a few steps behind. They then raced around the house like they were looking for something. I wonder who or what they thought came in the house.

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