Monday, November 16, 2015

It is Monday once again. It was abundantly clear to me when I turned into the parking lot and realized I forgot my badge. As a result, I am rocking the Turkey today. It's the equivalent of the cone of shame for dogs.

My Favorite Egg was in this weekend. Our big adventure was trying a couple of recipes out. I find all of the food postings on FB a blessing and a curse. First up was a "corn pudding". Frankly, it needs a better name as this was pretty darn tasty, and easy. Butter, two cans of corn (one creamed one not), sour cream, eggs, and corn bread mix. This one might make an appearance at a Thanksgiving dinner as a side. The other a spinach and artichoke dip stuffed garlic bread. Between Saturday dinner and leftovers on Sunday night we darn near polished an entire French bread of this stuff.

All of the food wasn't our only adventure. We did leave the house and found Cassandra PA for a Gun raffle. I wasn't anywhere near as lucky as I was at the last raffle I attended, but I wasn't taking as many shots at pull tabs either. We left before they finished pulling the door prizes, so I guess we could still get a call saying we won. Fingers crossed.

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