Wednesday, October 07, 2015

I'll admit, I'm surprised, but a quick email back to the office and I was able to quickly and easily change out the rental car over lunch yesterday.  It's so much nicer to run for grub now and my anxiety over the return drive has melted away.

I'm pretty much out of places that interest me for a meal around here, so I'm ready to go home.  *sigh* how wrong is that.  On a related note, I did go work out for a while both last evening and tonight.  Around 4am today I woke to a completely seized up calf.  Must get back in gear on the regular.

I've made a couple of Amazon purchases to really get the Christmas shopping into progress.  The one big gift idea I am excited to give this year also got under way, but yes, it's a secret, so no one gets more information than that.  Christmas will be here way too soon after all.

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