Sunday, July 12, 2015

We will label my day as a death wish.  I had a bit of an allergic hissy fit during church, but I still felt the need to pull some weeds this afternoon (I was driven to this as I was contacted by someone interested in the apartment).  I kept wedding after my lawnmower guy was here, but only a short while as my head started freaking out.

Instead, I came in and went to the basement, where moving the shelves around and cleaning behind them was on my list.  Some of these have been in place for years, so you can imagine the size of the extra dog I swept out from behind and under them.  You cannot however imagine the snot factory that my head became during the time I was working down there.  Yay fur and dust!

My nose is mostly raw at this point, but hosing off in the shower helped tame the reaction a little.  I should take an allergy pill, but my blood pressure is still up from the last round of me taking them.  I guess refraining is one aspect of my day that goes against that whole death wish theme.

Regarding the would-be tenant.  I do love Google and the information you can find with just a few quick searches.  But I do wish I didn't always find things that made stories not add up 100%.  I watched a show recently that tried to say that we, as humans, inherently trust other people.  I must really be abnormal, because I sure don't.

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