Monday, July 06, 2015

Today is a week for Vixen. It's gone so fast. The house remains creepy quiet, particularly in the morning, even now that the girls are no longer sleeping in my room. They were pretty wiped out yesterday after a few days at camp while I visited w/ my favorite Egg. We had a pretty quiet weekend. I'll admit I wasn't feeling great for a chunk of it, so I wasn't feeling very ambitious.

To celebrate the 4th, we did see some fireworks from the surrounding houses and made use of the new burning barrel to have a couple of smores. Like I said, pretty low key.

This is going to be a long week. The auction at Mom's is on Friday. Looks like someone has a desire to attend, which gets me sucked into things I don't want sucked into. There is a little bit of drama attempting to swirl up around some of this that I simply will not accept into my life, so I am hoping it squelches out quickly. We just want it all done. Would you pray with us that the right bidder will come on Friday that we might be closing on the house in the near term too? I hate to see it go at any point, but to linger things on and have more confusion and internal debate isn't helping.

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