Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Once again this morning I sat in a doctor's office for an hour ... this time I just said "I'm out of here." I arrived at 8:10, because they want you there early. My appointment 8:30. When I lost my crap and asked what the deal was 9:10. I'm pretty sure I was the first appointment for the laser, so what's up. I saw the doctor out in the hall. I wish I could send them a bill for _MY_ time.

Keep in mind this appointment was to make up for my previous one. I have already paid for this service. The equipment was having major issues which delayed us immensely last go round and my upper front legs weren't touched. I had an appointment for last month, which _they_ called and rescheduled to this morning.

How do doctors offices get away with this crap? My time is important. You wouldn't appreciate me being more than 40 minutes late. I'm pretty sure you'd not even bother to squeeze me in at that point.

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