Sunday, October 18, 2015

So the big stuff did go down for my loved one and I didn't have to fight myself to have all of the happiness in the world.  I love my Beff dearly, and I'm happy to tell the world she is a betrothed woman now.  I am happy to have been included in the secret and the distraction leading up to the main event.

My Favorite Egg came in this weekend since it will be a while since our weekends mesh again (and because I was extra sad last weekend to say goodbye).  Not that I wasn't extra sad again today, but you know what I mean.  We did a little shopping on Saturday, where I picked up a pretty dress at a great price and two pairs of black dress shoes.  Heaven knows when I find a comfortable pair of black ones they get worn into oblivion.

I tried to be extra nice to the girls on Saturday and treated them with a big bone.  They've had them before and maybe had a bit of loose bowels from all of the marrow but nothing more.  Well, this time it ended up really upsetting Danika's stomach.  She was up a couple of times last night vomiting and has been a bit out of it today (laying around and you can tell from her face that she isn't feeling 100%).  She hasn't vomited again today (unless she did so while outside).  I made her some rice and moistened her food earlier, but she wasn't interested.  She did poop overnight, so things are still moving, but I will continue to keep an eye.  Hopefully she is feeling completely better by morning.

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