Thursday, October 01, 2015

Here it is, October and the 40 degree weather is slated to start in the next couple of days.  Hence, I had to do something with the tomato and pepper plants. The ones on the back porch that were at work for the longest while are just getting tomatoes.  So they, and the pepper plants, are now safely in the house.  This means that the front window has the curtains fully parted in an attempt to get enough light in to keep them going and my kitchen table has two big ol' pepper plants taking up space.

The ones that have been on the front porch all summer are still producing, albeit at a slower pace.  I'd really rather see them ripen on the vine.  I haven't brought them in because I simply do not have enough space much less windows.  I am guessing I will need to pull the tomatoes and set them out to ripen (somewhere).  I need to weed/gather up more plants outside.

Why aren't our summers long enough to get our full harvest?

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