Monday, May 22, 2017

I've had a few other ppl bringing subjects up with me wrt the kiddo that have upset me greatly in the past few days.  I really don't get how some people think what they're saying is okay or how they have the nerve to say it (especially to a hormone-laden woman).  My favorite egg came last night so I could share things in person and gave me some comfort on it all, but I have to admit it changes my views on some people right now and makes me question some other things.  Hopefully I can mentally get past it.

With the help of family a wall was painted upstairs and is ready for a decal once it is dry through and through.  That's one more huge relief.

Updates from late last week:
Friday at 3:30 the insurance information for the concrete company came in the mail.  Since the borough closed at 4, there was no way to get down there in time.  This morning as I left the house first thing to take the paperwork to the borough the concrete company arrived.  I dropped off the paperwork, the lady at the front office didn't know but took the papers and said if "he has any questions he'll call you".  Ok.

They have the area dug out and ready to go, and the dirt they moved he offered to move to the end of the yard where it drops off - this is great, except the bobcat has shredded the whole yard pretty good and it creates a drop off back further but in front of where the fence guy was going to run things, in effect it could make the fence really more like a 4' fence.

I called FedEx again on the BBB item.  I didn't get a call back on Friday like they said I would because no one actually opened a case.  *sigh*  Of course, the location that has my package right now is closed on Mondays.  Hence, I wait.

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