Thursday, May 18, 2017

Stuff goes wrong in life.  I know this.  I've gotten better about not letting things ruin my day, but I'm struggling these past few days - and it's dumb stuff.

I'm trying to get the paperwork to the borough so I can get permits for the concrete work and the fence.  Well go figure when I send my best effort drawing to the fence guy to review to help me get the paperwork in order he comes back with their drawing which shows the fence WAAAAY into the easement.  I noted at the initial meeting that I didn't want to go far into the easement and even provided him a look at the survey, which I followed up with an emailed copy of the survey.  To make things more annoying he then commented that since they already ordered the materials if they can't use them they'd still come to me (aka I'm paying for it anyway).  So at best, we move things around a bit as to not risk being too far into the easement and my back yard fence line looks odd - worse is that I overpaid for what I needed - and even worse is that I have jack-shit fenced in.

Next stupid item:  two out of three items I ordered from Bed Bath and Beyond have arrived to finish out all of the curtain rods matching on the first floor.  I made a special trip to the closest store 25 min away to see if they had them, and ended up ordering with them in store because they could get them even though I couldn't get them online.  The third item that didn't arrive is showing as undeliverable, something about the tags confused FedEx.  I call Bed Bath and Beyond and that item is no longer available.  They offered me a larger rod - which would look ridiculous there or a double rod, also not what I want.  So now I've called FedEx and I'm waiting for someone from the location (an hour away by the way) where my package is now sitting (in theory).  Please please please find my stuff and get it to me.

Tonight I need to get a bunch of cleaning done.  Last night we ended up going to a Pirate's game since my Favorite Egg won his company's tickets, so that was a lost evening for progress.  Fingers crossed I can keep myself moving.

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