Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Small bursts - and I hope that will help me get things in order by the end of the week.  Today was cleaning up dog fur both on the main floor and in the basement (which will need to happen again later this week), taking some soapy water out to scrub the dirt off of the deck, windex washing some windows, brushing Saffy out a bit, taking a few more things to the basement, and getting a few bulbs in around the mailbox (gladiolas, let's see if they survived the move from Jtown and take).

I feel crappy only doing a windex wash of some of the windows, but it's what I could do right now - the ammonia can wait.  While the lower part of these windows swings in it does not lift the whole way out like the last house.  Let me tell you how impossible it is to wash the outside of the upper part of the window with the bottom swung in.  No, they don't seem to pull down, so I can't even reach out from the top to get to it.  I need to take something to the sliding door to chip off paint or something that is on the outside of the door, where did that come from?

I didn't go walk the dog tonight.  As you can imagine I'm not eager to stroll back out there after last night.

I also was able to get out for a long lunch with my new pastor today.  It was a nice opportunity to get to talk and know each other a little more.  My membership information did come from Oakland, so I guess it's a done deal.

In other news, the concrete guy called yesterday and thinks he'll be here next week to get that job underway.

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