Tuesday, March 28, 2017

I'm doing a little here and there.  Nothing that LOOKS like a big impact, but stuff that needs done (shifting books around to different shelves, clearing old tax papers out of the filing cabinet to make room for other stuff and putting them in a box for storage, going through old pictures and wall decorations - and forcing myself to make the decision to get rid of some of them).  I didn't expect another round of purging through the house AFTER the move, but it's probably for the best - even if I did pay to move some of this stuff.  I'm sure if I had purged some items pre-move I would have regretted it.

I really need time this weekend to mix the paint the previous owners left behind so I can touch up throughout the house.  Then I have no excuses for not getting things on the wall.  I've settled on colors for the wall sticker I have planned for upstairs - so that will be ordered soon.  I will need to paint under that once I can get a good color palette match.  I say I, but fortunately I have people who have volunteered to help with paint to keep me out of the fumes.

I had another "keep your eye on your credit card" moments today.  The hotel we stayed at in February pre-cruise was prepaid through a third party booking site.  Well the hotel just tried to charge me now too for a slightly lesser amount.  I was surprised how easy it was to reach a person at the third party site to start trying to resolve this.  Fingers crossed I just need to wait now.

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