Thursday, March 30, 2017

Another bad dream (translation lost dog) last night.  This one was particularly sad when I woke as not only was Saffy missing, but it seemed in the dream I had been away when she disappeared.  I went in to wake my sleeping mother asking her how long she had been gone and she told me a few days.  I welcome Mum visiting me in a dream, but make it a happier one, please?  This was one of those dreams I woke from, started to fall back asleep and was drifting back into the same scenario.  Upon my second waking it was time to call Saffy up to cuddle with me.  She did not complain.

I ran out last night to a hair appointment.  My hair was long overdue for a trim, so I got brave and found a place to try out.  It was just a trim really, nothing dramatic, so I'm sure it will be fine, but I can't really tell until I wash and dry it myself.  On the way there I stopped at the local library because I needed a couple of photocopies.  I spent a good bit of my childhood in the library, so it feels right to start to get familiar with this place now.

The lamp post out front was fixed yesterday.  There goes another $400, but it functions now and is safe.  It was so nice yesterday I had it in my head that I needed to get on planting some hydrangeas that were gifted to me, but today it's cold enough that I had to turn the heat back on.  Thank you for that gift of sanctioned procrastination mother nature.

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