Friday, April 21, 2017

I did manage to catch one neighbor and of course the other is never around.  I noted this on the paper and sent them off on Tuesday, before I needed to head out of town on Wednesday morning for my Uncle Mike's funeral.

I can't begin to express the mixed feelings of the day.  Maybe I'm just extra hormonal, I don't know.  Of course there was sadness for my Aunt and Cousin as they said goodbye.  I know how hard it is to loose a parent.  I also know how it saddened my Aunt that so many in the family had already left her.  Then there was those in attendance.  I got to talk for a while with a cousin whom I admit I don't remember, but it was nice - comfortable.  Then there was seeing my sister and brother on that side.  I had assumed I would see my sister as she was at Uncle Mike's birthday party a while back.  I don't say this with any angst, but simple fact:  I never knew her, I always assumed she had no desire to know me, we did not speak.  Now, my brother however, was always just a block up when I was growing up.  I knew him, he was present, I don't know how/why but we probably haven't seen each other since not too long after Dad died.  We talked a little.  It too was comfortable enough, but more than that - so familiar.  Why?  His face - his smile?  Looks just like Daddy.  It was hard to not stare a little.  I admit, I asked to get a picture of the two of us and I'm glad I did. I will cherish having this.

From there I visited with an Aunt/Uncle on Mom's side before I headed back up the mountain to Jtown for two nights.  I was in training all day Thursday and Friday back at the office, so I stayed with Beff.  It was good to get to visit.  We grubbed some long missed Rey's and Szechuan (although this wasn't up to par).  I think the kiddo liked Rey's as I felt my first DEFINITE movement that evening as I turned in.

Today I drove the rest of the way home.  It is good to be home.  It feels right to actually call it home.  The only thing missing is my girls. I can't wait for them to return in the morning and to hear how they did at their new camp.

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