Saturday, April 22, 2017

The girls are home, they seem to have liked their new camp.  As always they're a bit sleepy right now.  I have been a giant slacker lately, so at least I can say I feel productive today. I started by washing the blankets I took with the girls to camp and then washing some of the hand me over plush animals and a new plush that Beff bought the baby that said to do so in the instructions.  I picked up some Dreft today while grocery shopping too, so at some point I can start washing baby clothing too.

While the laundry was running I started working on the dining room picture wall.  So far the decal I purchased and a few pics of my family are up on one side.  I am trying to get some photos from my Favorite Egg's Mom to put on the other side to match from their family.  I also got the wooden address sign from Mom's house placed on the wall by the front door.

Then it was time to head out for a long over due pedicure appointment before running to the grocery store.  I swung into the consignment shop too - and good thing I did.  They were offering an extra 15% off of everything today which sold me on a used swing that I noted on the way in.  That's one more big thing off of the to buy list.  After the groceries were in and away it was time to mow the lawn, which was a huge pita because I had to move all of the deck furniture out of the way.  Ugh, too heavy.  I think that was enough effort for the day, but maybe I'll get a second wind so I can work at something else that's been nagging at me.

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