Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Today I want to complain about tickets for concerts. I am a big James Blunt fan.  When I heard he was going to be touring with Ed Sheeran (whom I do not listen to) no matter, I still wanted to go.  Sure the show in Pittsburgh is likely less than a month after I'll have a kiddo joining the household but still I was dead set on finding a way to make it happen.

During presale I had no way to purchase, but during open sales - gone, instantly.  I keep peeking back but yes, it's only resale.  The tickets came out  a month ago and the show is five months away.  There are tickets out there for resale (we're talking a couple of hundred bucks PER ticket).  Let's talk about obscene.  What happened to anti-scalping?  The tickets were like $40-100 in the seats I'd likely go for.  I'm sad, disappointed, and now, kind of angry that he is touring with Ed Sheeran - which is probably why this is happening.

So I guess I won't be seeing James Blunt.  I guess I'll be pretty busy then and will hardly "miss it" in the moment, but it peeves me.  James - your fans can't even use this infrequent opportunity to try and catch a show!

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