Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Saturday 80s, wee hours between Monday and Tuesday - low 30s.  I got the email early yesterday that there was a frost warning for last night.  It's the second half of October, so I shouldn't be surprised, but I feel like it is only July.

I had the space heater in the room overnight as to keep kiddo comfortable, but we still bundled her up.  The rest of the house dropped to 65 (from 70), so I switched on the furnace this morning.  Yay for that first run of the season, burning dust smell.

There is definitely frost out there, it is very apparent on the brand new mulch that just went down yesterday!  I trust my landscaper (since it is my Favorite Egg's father), but I do worry about those poor plants that just went in.  Due to a mix up on the order there are still a few more plants to come and they may not be here until December.  He dug the holes now, since heaven knows the ground may be too frozen to do so by then (heck my dirt is horrible to dig in now without it being frozen).  Hopefully Saffy doesn't decide to expand them or add a few more in the mean time.

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