Monday, April 10, 2017

Today I was off of work in order to head to Altoona for my Aunt Dee's funeral services.  It was good to see everyone, despite the sad circumstances that brought us together.  The weather was beautiful - up to 80 according to my vehicle and the drive to and from wasn't as bad as I expected.

On the drive in I had decent timing to avoid witnessing a horrible accident but got through before they closed down part of 22.  A coal truck rear-ended and spun a school bus (without children, thank goodness) into the concrete barriers between directions and then ended up in a model home.  My prayers are with the bus driver's family as it sounds like she lost her life.

My Mom was a van driver for the school district for years.  It's sad foreshadowing, really.  As we headed into the luncheon a district van went past - #11 as a matter of fact, the van number she drove for quite some time.  I think it was her making her presence known.

With my time away to visit cemeteries on Saturday and this long day away the girls have been doing a great job behaving without accidents.  I'm so proud of them, it could have gone the other way since they've been getting spoiled with my new norm of being here all day.  Thanks to my Favorite Egg for stopping in to have lunch with them today.

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