Thursday, April 13, 2017

My dogs suck at being dogs.  This morning the workers who will be adding the roof over the deck arrived a few minutes before 8am.  They offloaded some supplies in the driveway and then came around to the back and cleared everything off of the deck, laid protective covering and got down to business.

Did the dogs bark?  No.  Did the dogs do anything to indicate humans were swarming the back porch?  No.  Ok, well that's not entirely true - they did move around a bit, agitated that their early morning nap was being disrupted. *shakes head*  Slackers.

So the good news is the roof should be done by next weekend.  That means we can get on the concrete work underneath.  That's where the bad news comes in - I need to start knocking on doors for the neighbor signatures and get the papers sent in. *sigh*

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