Tuesday, May 02, 2017

I have felt slightly productive as of late, but I know they're minor strides, but since I haven't posted in a while I feel like I have a lot to catch you up on.

Last week one night I made another trip out to look at furniture.  I knew if I could just get the furniture for the kiddo room selected and ordered I'd feel a lot better.  I ended up having an epiphany that some of the furniture in the kid's section was named the same as the furniture in the adult bedroom section.  Boom! Kid's dresser and an adult's lingerie chest make for just what I need:  something smaller to fit into that room, ample storage/drawers/moderate pricing - but still real wood.

I do still need to find a rocking chair of some sort for there, but that's a whole other story.  The debate goes on if I'm getting all new living room furniture of just trying to find that one piece, using it in the bedroom for now and later moving it downstairs.  I can always get couches etc at some other point - but then they're not likely to match.  If I know they won't match, should I cave and go look at lazboys?

I would have hung several pictures, but damnit the studs aren't in the middle of the places where I need them to be.  I guess that means I need to put those huge plastic things in the wall and make gaping holes.  If you're building a house, that should be part of the design of the structure, just sayin.

The letter came back from the HOA approving the concrete and the fence.  Now we see when they can/will come, right?  I left a message for both contractors.  The fence guy acknowledged, but nothing from the concrete guy yet.  *sigh*  I know you're not ready to come do the work right away, but at least let me know you got the message.

Saturday we had plans to go to game night out of town w/ my Favorite Egg's friends, it was a nice evening out.  We were supposed to get a few other things done earlier in the day but he had a headache (which fortunately went away in time to attend the evening activities) so that didn't get completed.  Instead I did get some banana bread baked (which I just finished off earlier today thank you very much) and a batch of brownies to take with us.

I mowed Sunday and about melted it was so warm.  I had talked to the guy who tends to the neighbor's yard and gotten a quote from him (yes, it's high, but I was willing to go that route).  My Favorite Egg nixed it saying he would take care of it, so we'll see how that goes.  Monday night I about melted again after hauling a carload of my wine/liquor/limoncello up from my Favorite Egg's.  I wanted it out of his garage before it got too warm.  I'm definitely needing the exercise as I feel like I need to start being careful about weight.

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