Wednesday, April 26, 2017

I had the best intentions out back at the tree line, but as always we went from no growth to full of greens and weeds - the jaggy stabby kind.  I pulled what I could, which wasn't much, and raked up the brush that I had already started to gather, into a garbage bag - but I tired out quickly this evening.  It resulted in me just chucking most of the nasturtium seeds back there instead of actually planting them.  A girl can hope, right?  I mean, if you don't gather the seeds up in the fall they do tend to start growing on their own in the spring.

I did press on long enough to dust grass seeds in the bare areas both in the front and the back and to give them a little bit of water from the crap hose that the previous owner left behind. I don't know what I expected there - the water pressure here is so low I'd have a better chance of spitting on all of the seed.

The gate came in for the top of the deck stairs so the guys installed that today and brought my furniture back up. Now they just need to gather the rest of their garbage - including what blew way further back into the greens out back than I am willing to go thanks to jaggers and ticks.  I think there are just as many cigarette butts and candy wrappers as there are nails and scraps from what they cut.

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