Thursday, July 27, 2017

One thing I like less than going to the dentist is going to a NEW dentist. But at least that is out of the way and I had a wonderful excuse to avoid xrays and other things.  She seems nice enough and is watching my one tooth for next time (I'm pretty sure it's one that has always had the shadow on it because of a filling that is in there) and commented about replacing the other fillings at some point (not talk I want to hear until they start to leak).

If I could have brought Dr M here w/ me I gladly would have, I really liked him and his approach.  During my time there he had watches on a few teeth that heeled themselves by my next visit... that's what I want, no drilling and filling.

The other turn of events is just that short amount of time leaned back in their chair angered my mid-back around my rib cage.  Very surprising since I've felt even better the past four mornings, rolling out of bed easily and getting moving without aches.  I have a chiro appointment later today, so that works out well.

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