Saturday, July 22, 2017

I woke this morning with a desire to get out and about, and ended up out the door at 8:30 - arriving in Upper St Clair just as the stores I wanted to hit during my limited time were opening (in reverse order... Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, Burlington, and Toys R Us).  I'm still on the hunt for curtains for the kitchen and living room to no avail.  I did get a few things for the kid that I totally didn't need - other than a soft, pretty dress, that was on clearance that will work for baptism and a few items that remained on the Target wish list w/ that completion discount.

From there I headed south of home to pick up my farm goodies... more kale, yay; more cukes, one tomato, more zucchini and squash, more peppers (green and hot ones), more corn.  I need to get eating!  I stopped and picked up supplies to make some freezer meals this weekend, so maybe I'll get in gear after I sit for a little while and get on top of that.

I then headed to get a pedi.  My feet and calves so loved that massage.  Finally, I stopped at Sarris to get some chocolate for my Favorite Egg's Mom and Sister as a light thank you - and some to take with when the time comes for the nurses!

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