Thursday, August 03, 2017

It seems like most of my non-work time outside of the leisure of sitting in front of Netflix is spent on preparation activities that are captured on the OTHER blog about the kiddo and I have little to say here.  I guess some things are bound to bleed over, so I should simply allow it.

Signs of life have sprung up at the house that was up for sale across the street and up one - so I'm assuming they closed and it's a matter of time until I see a moving truck.  I'm officially no longer the newbie in the visible houses around me.  That sure didn't take long.

I also noticed that tickets still remain for a Die Antwoord concern next Wednesday at Stage AE.  If I'm still feeling well I am soooo incredibly tempted.  I think it would be a heck of a good time, but I hate the thought of going alone.  While my Favorite Egg also enjoys their music he seems to have no interest in live shows.  I'm just wanting one last hurrah before I am trapped at the house, is that wrong?

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