Monday, August 07, 2017

It's 61 degrees outside.  Damn you global warming.  *puzzled look*  It's okay, June was crazy hot, so I guess it balances out a little.  With my feet still swelling on me I am grateful for the break.  Of course, two days in a row of running around and being on my feet for 5+ hours will do that to you regardless of the temps.

The weekend went all too fast.  Saturday evening (after running about on my own most of the day) we went to a game night.  They played Magic most of the evening so I ended up the designated spinner for the kids there to play twister.  Sunday I had help running around - but only after we tried out the Original Pancake House.  Gotta do this type of stuff while I still can.

I'm working hard to find recipes for some of the items that came from my CSA farm basket.  While there are aspects of the one back in Jtown I miss greatly, this one has some other 'different' things.  I still have to cook up the patty pan squash (first for me), and figure out what to do with the tomatillos (I admit cooking with anything from the nightshade family puts a sinister smile on my face and makes me want to watch the Nightmare Before Christmas).  There is also a big purple cabbage in there (which came after we got through half of a curly cabbage) and another small green cabbage.  I did cook up the eggplant the other day - hey old wives, it didn't induce anything for the record.

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