Friday, June 30, 2017

It's been a while since I've felt some anxiety welling up.  I'm not sure what is causing it really.

Maybe it's topics that came up in the past few days stirring old pots.

Maybe it's the fence.  The fence is mostly in, with finishing work to be done tomorrow (attaching the gates, putting the tops on the posts, and securing the one end to the house... because they couldn't drop down in the ground there at the one corner due to something being down there *sigh*).  This side where they couldn't go down in is at the corner, vs further forward, which is what was originally marked during the first two measurements.  I'm trying to not fret, but seriously, with each contractor there is always something that is less than what was planned.

I tried calling another landscaper, their voicemail said it was full and I couldn't even leave a message.  What point is a fenced yard if it's all dirt and the least bit of rain means an unusable mud pit?  I just want it all done.  I'm so done.

One thing I do NOT think it is is the looming finish line, which is officially less than two months away.  But it should be.  I cannot get the things done I need to get done.  I'm up and moving for a little while but the swollen ankles hurt and frankly I'm just tired.

Hopefully this weekend will provide a little therapy, time with my Favorite Egg and time with friends is what I need.

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