Wednesday, July 05, 2017

The fence finishing did occur on Saturday, as promised.  Turns out they didn't attach the one corner to the house and instead dropped a hole w/ concrete for another post.  That made me feel better about a lot of it.  The girls are happy with it and more importantly Saffy hasn't even given a glance upward, so I think we're good to go.

For now I will continue to go outside with them for now to watch their behavior and patterns with regard to the fence.  The past few days this has been especially appropriate with all of the fireworks going off.  They upset Safyre so very much and she is running straight back for the door, often without using the facilities first.  At least with the holiday past we're on the down tick for those disturbances.

I did get some major quality time with friends on Sunday back in the Jingle.  It was a great trip, I just wish I could have spent more time talking with each and every one of them.  In the mean time, family was gathering in Toona-town in my name, which I am sorry I couldn't also attend.  It was a big day that left me tired and wound up.  It also resulted in a HUGE pile of goodies that consumed a good chunk of our fourth of July, but at least everything is back in order.

I tried calling that landscaper again and was able to leave a message, but alas, no return call yet.  *sigh*

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