Thursday, July 13, 2017

I've been a bit of a bum for a few days - I hadn't left the house since church on Sunday until lunch time yesterday, so I haven't had much to say.  I've gotten sucked in on a few shows on Netflix (13 Reasons Why which I just finished and Grey's Anatomy which gained my interest after my sister/niece's last visit).  I'm partially blaming the weather as of late, it seems we've reached the monsoon season.  I guess now is when I should chill a bit and relax, while I still can.  It'll take a while to get through all 13 seasons of Grey's though!

I spotted two ladies when I stepped out for lunch yesterday wearing shirts for a landscaping company and spoke with them for a minute.  I need to make another call - we'll see if maybe I can get them out here to give me an estimate.

I'm not a complete slacker, I am trying to get some things in order in small bursts.  We have some folks coming for a game night on Saturday (my Favorite Egg's friends) so there is lots of prep work to get done.  He was here last night helping me get the basement in even better order which gives me a sigh of relief.  It also gave me the space to set up the last shelf and get a few more totes downstairs and out of the way.  Then there's all of the regular cleaning... bathrooms, floors, etc etc.

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