Thursday, March 23, 2017

This morning I heard a dog beside the bed where I swing my feet out (around 6am), I crawled out to hit the facilities and there wasn't a dog there... Saffy is now climbing completely under the bed.  What a goof.  I guess this is because I refused her the other day when she wanted up.

I headed out this evening to hit the post office to get one of the two left behind DirecTV boxes sent back.  Why did they only send one box? I have no idea.  I'm so confused.  From there I ran looking for lighting goodies.  The electrician was here today to look at the problem the previous owners were to have fixed before I closed on the house. *sigh*  $75 for today's visit, a new lamp for out front ($90) and prb another $300 or more for him to dig out the path and re-run the wiring in a proper conduit underground and back into the basement going around the stairs since they're in the way now. Turns out they just had about 20 feet of wire coiled all over the place just under the mulch.  Further, that wire then goes under the stairs, no conduit whatsoever, and into the house.

Since I had a coupon I wanted to maximize, I not only bought that but I tried to shop for ceiling fans and lights for the other bedrooms and for other light fixtures I want to replace (bathroom and dining room).  No major luck, but I did buy what I want for in the half bath (fixture and matching toilet paper holder and proper towel holder instead of a hook). I guess I need to buy online for the bedrooms - I'm just not finding what I want in the stores.

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